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TAFE NSW New England Institute, in conjunction with the Northern Inland Sustainable Business Network  (NISBN) has been awarded funding from the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) for a new Energy Efficient training initiative to be trialled within the New England and North West regions.


The customised  course  will  assist  Electrical  Appliance  Retail  stores  to provide details of  the  power  usage  costs  of  a  range  of  products, provide  advice, and identify the superior  "Power  Price"  product  to  customers. 


The  "Power Price" will be the first ever Statement of Attainment in NSW combining the Retail and Electrotechology disciplines into a training program. The program will be developed as a two-day customised statement of attainment and will draw on the expertise of staff from the Faculty of Trades and Primary Industries  (TPI) and Faculty of Business and Creative Services  (BACs).  The program will then be offered for trial throughout the NISBN  (New England and North West) region.


Funding for the program was sought to provide retailers of electrical products more comprehensive consumer assistance and advice.


The training program will have three elements:


  • Element 1  -­  Power  Pricing:  Understanding  and  costing  the  operational  cost  of   behaviour, consumption  and  usage.  This  also  includes  training  and   understanding of the  different  electrical tariffs.
  • Element  2  -­  Power  advising  and  recommending  "Power  Price"  of  an  item  over   product  life  in comparison  to  other  items  of  a  similar  category,  and  providing  operational  recommendations  to the  customer  on  measures  or  applications  to   reduce the  power  usage  and  cost  of  the  item.
  • Element 3  -­  Person  Power ,  the  communication,  customer  service  and  customer ability  for behavioural  operation  for  the  item.     

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